Does any of this sound like you?

  • You are not happy with your job and career and know you need a change, but you feel stuck, unsure of what you want, or not clear on how to move forward

  • You want more enjoyment, satisfaction and meaning in your work and feel frustrated that you don’t have it

  • You’re on auto-pilot in your career, feeling bored or uninspired, and wondering to yourself “now what”?

  • You’re successful in your career but feel exhausted, stressed out, or downright unhappy and can’t imagine doing this until retirement


If so, then it may be time to stop, reflect and take a look at what you really want from your career and consider your options. If having a satisfying, rewarding career that you enjoy and feel energized by is important to you, I can help you.

My focus in career change work is in helping you find and create a career you will love and to help you discover your “true north” in your professional life. The exact process we go through, and tools we use, vary and depend on your unique needs but normally include the following key components and outcomes:

The exact process we go through, and tools we use, vary and depend on your unique needs but normally include the following key components and outcomes:

  • Discovery – Get crystal clear on your unique strengths, key motivated skills, values, what gives you a sense of meaning and a feeling of fulfillment, long-term goals and objectives, future visioning, challenges, current circumstances, self-limiting beliefs and saboteurs
  • Identification and Research of New Paths -Using all the information gained in the Discovery phase, we identify, research and evaluate new potential paths that could turn into rewarding and fulfilling careers, until we identify a few specific career targets for you to pursue. If in the discovery phase we find that a career change isn’t viable right now because of your current circumstances, or if a big change isn’t necessary to significantly increase your satisfaction and fulfillment, we then work on “re-crafting” your career or job to help you gain more satisfaction in your work until at some point in the future you are ready/able to make a change.
  • Marketing/Action Plan and Preparation – With specific career targets identified, we craft a plan to organize the activities that need to happen to execute job searches or develop a new venture. You will learn (or refresh) skills needed in networking, informational meetings, interviewing, CV/resume writing, job search tactics, business planning, new venture development steps, etc.
  • Implementation Ready, set, go!! You’re on your way! We may need to make some adjustments to your marketing/action plan along the way, depending on new information learned, new pathways opened or closed, etc.
  • Self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage management – Throughout the process, we address blockages to progress that you might experience that may be rooted in self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors. I support and empower you to identify, explore, address and move through these blocks to keep you on track and pointed towards your goals.


SUCCESS! You’ve achieved your goals and found a career that you love, one that has you jumping out of bed in the mornings!

How does it work?

Individual coaching sessions take place over the phone,  Skype or FaceTime with video, and if you live in the Madrid area we can arrange face-to-face sessions if you prefer. Sessions are usually scheduled weekly or bi-weekly, but your coaching package will be tailored for you. I also provide email support between coaching sessions when appropriate.

The first step is to book a no obligation conversation with me so that we can discuss your needs, the challenges you may be facing and how I can support you in finding and creating a career you love. Please feel free to email me on to schedule or request more information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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