Kim SumnerI have 20+ years of combined experience in coaching and in human resources management and consulting, including working at a management level for United Technologies Corporation (UTC, a global conglomerate) and Hewitt Associates (now AonHewitt), a top global human resources consulting firm.

Currently, in addition to my individual coaching clients, I collaborate with consulting firms on leadership development and coaching projects, as well as serve as a career advisor for executive MBA students at top business schools. I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), have an MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia, and a Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Virginia.  I work in English and in Spanish.

My journey to career change coaching

My passion for coaching people around career transformation and change developed out of my own journey to discover my career passion. I was in a lucrative job and being developed on a very attractive high-potential fast track that others envied, but that left me feeling tired and stressed. It became clear to me over time that although there were several aspects of my career at that time that I enjoyed, there were more things that I didn’t, and those things were wearing me out. Once I decided that enough was enough and I had to make a change, I started out by “recrafting” my career where I put a different spin on what I was doing and focused on areas that interested me more, (from human resources management within a company to human resources consulting). But I found that, although my enjoyment and fulfillment went way up, it still didn’t feel like enough and I had the distinct impression that something was missing.

I realized that through all this time, and probably much longer, I very often was informally in the role of coach, mentor and advisor with colleagues, friends and even acquaintances who didn’t know me well but would seek me out for help and guidance, and I loved helping people in this way, especially around career issues. Then when I had the opportunity to take a career “breather” to embark on several international relocations, I took the time to take a big step back, factor in this realization (and many others), and evaluate what I really wanted from my career and my life. And among the major themes that emerged was pursuing coaching professionally, and in particular coaching on career issues and career change and helping as many people as possible to find and create careers they love. This is what was missing, and, in tandem with my consulting work helping organizations be more effective through strategic talent management and having the right people in the right jobs (which is a natural extension of my work with individuals), my career feels complete and I have finally created a career I love. My only regret is that I didn’t hire a career coach early on in the process, as I would have figured this out much earlier and with fewer headaches!

My background in business, human resources management and organizational consulting, my credentials and experience as a coach, and my own experience of career change and reinvention give me unique insight and tools to help you identify and target exciting, rewarding new career opportunities and directions, form action plans to achieve them, and support you in moving forward.

I’m a seasoned globetrotter, having lived in different locations in the U.S., Mexico, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and South Korea. With my experiences of living and working across borders I’ve become something of an accidental cross-cultural issues expert, which I’m happy to weave into my work with clients if they are expatriates (not living in their home country) or working in an international/multi-cultural team environment.

My journey to career change coaching

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