Find and create a career you love
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Kim SumnerI help people who are unhappy with their careers find and create careers they love, from assessment and discovery to job search. I also help organizations with strategic staffing and talent management, improving processes to identify, select, develop and engage the right people for the right jobs.

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Career Transformation Coaching and Consulting

If you are dissatisfied with your career (and chances are that’s why you are here) I can help you find and create a career you love.

I work with you to help you identify rewarding new directions that are more aligned with your unique strengths, values, passions, what you want and who you are. Once we’ve established career options and targets, I help you craft a plan and embark on the path towards a career you love.

If a career change isn’t viable, or if a big change isn’t necessary to significantly increase your satisfaction and fulfillment, I help you reinvent or “re-craft” your career or job to gain more meaning and satisfaction in your work. You will gain clarity on what you really want and work towards making this a reality, transforming your career into a source of fulfillment and satisfaction rather than going through the motions out of obligation or for the paycheck.

Job Search Consulting

If you are clear about the career path you wish to pursue and would like help with executing a job search. I can provide you with expert support and help you design strategies and actions towards getting the job you want, as well as help you develop your job search skills.

This can include job search marketing and action plan development, developing your marketing message, CV and cover letter writing, networking skills, getting meetings, interviewing skills, negotiating offers, and business planning if you are on an entrepreneurial path.

HR Consulting

I help organizations to identify, select, develop and engage the right people for the right jobs optimizing individual and organizational performance and employee retention.

The “fit” between the person, position, and the organization is often overlooked and can have a significant impact in terms of individual employee satisfaction and organizational performance.

Doing this strategically greatly enhances recruiting and human resources effectiveness and organizational productivity and performance.